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#Dragons offers you a host (hehe) of features, among which:

Describe your entire world in an extensive, feature-rich wiki.

Keep chronicles of all your sessions and connect them through the Wiki.

Keep track of your players' character biographies or have them maintain it themselves.

Upload your own home-made maps of you world and share them with your players.

Easily notify all your players of upcoming sessions.

Leave feedback about your campaign on the forums.

Learn from others

Check out other Dungeon Masters' public, ongoing campaigns for inspiration...

Or delve through other campaigns' dark secrets after a DM has decided to publicize the whole thing!

#Dragons offers a structured way for the DM to write about their world. Once a DM and their players are done with their campaign, they can decide to share their work with the community, to add to the many stories and help inspire others.

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Quickly set up your own campaign and start writing about your world...

Or, if you really like someone else's campaign, you can even import a copy of it to run it with your own group! All wiki articles, maps and characters will be copied over to your new campaign, with the exception of the adventure logs.

All the hidden information that had been made public is hidden once again, allowing you and your friends a completely fresh start!

Inspire your players

By slowly unveiling more and more hidden information in the wiki.

Your players will receive notifications to draw their attention to the new information!

Shreds of hidden information can be woven through the wiki, and the DM can keep track of all of it through a hidden index.